It’s that time of year to be inspired by new beginnings! Trees have new buds, plants are starting to blossom and your inner Mother Nature ideas are starting to sprout! 

My yearning desire is to fairy garden and I am so lucky to have Kerry’s Aunt Cathy to be inspired by! 

I’m so excited to share just a few pictures from “Cathy’s Wonderland of Fairies and Things”, but they seriously don’t even come close to seeing the real thing! 

Pirates Cove

Mermaid that protects Pirates Cove

Ghoul’s Village

An old horse watering trough re-purposed into The Mayor’s Village

Looky, Looky Island where the fairies and gnomes go to party

Love the creativity in this turtle shell for a roof built in the Frog Ranch

Come if you dare…enter the Dragon’s Village!

The Trailer Park

Look at “Bubba’s trailer”, hilarious!!

Wonderland’s Church and Cemetery

Not the best depiction of “Aunt Cathy’s Wonderland of Fairies and Things” in it’s entirety captured in this picture, but you can use your imagination, like her, and visualize this on going creation!

She also has over 30 individual fairy gardens, all with their own magical story that she wrote for them and the characters that inhabit each one!

I hope one day she will share their story with us!

Thank You Aunt Cathy for opening up your crazy talented mind and inspiring us all to dream of our own fairy garden!