Have you ever purchased that pretty, but extremely large planter for your porch? Then get home to realize it takes more bags of potting soil than you bought at the store? Well then, you will want to read on! 

Anytime we can recycle…we recycle the recycled! Our kids aren’t as fond of it, especially when it comes time to take the recycling to the bins. Hopefully, our good intentions rub off on them to carry on the mission to Saving Our Planet! 

I’m killing two birds with one stone in this gardening tip! Saving money by conserving potting soil, and being environmentally friendly by re-purposing plastic bottles!  You’re welcome! 🙂

It’s simple! Fill up a large container, a quarter of the way, with plastic bottles (I avoid using bottles with chemicals, etc.). You now have a new outlook on those huge milk and juice jugs, huh? This will help with water drainage as well, while decreasing the amount of soil you have to use in your container.

Yippee!!! That bag of potting soil you bought will go a long way!! Now go buy some more plants! 

Happy Gardening-