My love for art floods over into my gardening decor! I like unusual conversation pieces! Like my newest addition…

Zen Frog or his new name “Zenny”. He’ll look great under our palm tree by the pool!


By far the best yard art is hidden within nature already! 

This piece of driftwood looks just like a swan to me, so I drug it home and found a perfect place in my succulent garden. (Obviously this is not my succulent garden…it is still protected in the green house, because in North Carolina we’re 70 degrees today and snowing tomorrow..smirking as I write this!)

I lost my dad about 10 years ago, but have constant reminders of his creative imagination in so many things. Yard art is one one of them for sure! 

He had a keen eye for repurposing things, like this bird house he fashioned from a small log of wood, and placed a while insulator on top as a focal point. (He worked for Norfolk and Southern Railway for 30 plus years and has a pretty cool insulator collection!) I’m sure you will be seeing more of how he used insulators for art decor in future blog posts! 

This was a root ball that he made into a planter! The raw organic detail…you can’t find this at the local department store! I LOVE THIS!

Now this is really cool and I bet not everyone knows what it is! It’s a Cypress Knee that can be found in swampy areas like good ol’ Louisiana. They anchor Cypress trees through strong winds. Another gift from Dad that warms my heart when I see it! 


I hope this has inspired you to shop the “Wild Wilderness” store for your next yard art! You’ll get way more for your money, I mean, your FREE time!