In 1999 I wed my fiance’ of 3 years Rene’, and with that began our “instant” family. My two boys Bobby and Jeffrey, who I had full custody of, and her daughter Blade rounded out our bunch.



I got full custody of the boys when Rene’ and I started dating.  Bobby was 7 and Jeffrey 5, so basically Rene’ has raised them over half their life and I’m very thankful for that.

In 2003 we welcomed our daughter Kayla, she’s as fiery as they come with a beautiful free spirit.  


Our family has grown!  We have a daughter-in-law Kimberly, Bobby’s wife, and a grandson Brylon.

Like all families, we go 100 miles an hour all in different directions.  The hardest part of kids growing up is finding time to squeeze in family time.


Our kids are very close, we’ve raised them as brothers and sisters all under one roof.  Rene’ and I are definitely blessed!

We don’t claim to be a flawless “perfect” family, but in my mind we’re an imperfectly perfect family.  We all have or moments and that’s ok.  That’s what makes our family a family… we love each other anyway.  

We all know even the fanciest houses aren’t worth much without a strong foundation. Unconditional love is our foundation.