Earnhardt Collection™ + Personal Handcrafted Displays (PhD)

The husband and wife teams of Personal Handcrafted Displays (PhD) and The Earnhardt Collection™ have joined forces bringing to life a gallery of hand-made decor, crafted in the USA by local artisans.

Kerry and Rene’ Earnhardt were immediately drawn to PhD’s due to their common passions that include commitment and compassion to wildlife, conservation and companion animals as well as a craftsmanship and community.

PhD’s artistic talents shine in their ever-expanding lines of personalized, wooden lake maps and guestbooks. They offer a wide range of other various, custom made products and designs for everyone and strive to go above and beyond to meet the custom request of any client.

We invite you to visit Personal Handcrafted Displays and see for yourself, The Earnhardt Collection™ Line and The Earnhardt Collection™ Gallery, where there’s something for every taste and lifestyle.

Explore the Earnhardt Collection™ Wood Art by PhD