It all started with vintage red pulleys. Not just any pulleys, but Rene’s Dad’s. He worked for Norfolk and Southern Railroad for 30 some years and was a collector of some really neat things!

We have a large wall in one of our rooms that she wanted to dress up. Of course, any ol’ picture or wall-art from a department store wouldn’t do. She knew what she wanted, so you know the rest of the story…she designs it and I build it!

We purchased some large gauge rope at an antique sore and began the process of laying out and measuring. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER will I agree to make anything with multiple layers using the same “knotted” hanging device! Even with the help of good ol’ Jack Daniels himself to hold up the shelves for a floor layout, (JD assisted in more ways than one…) it was a pain in the you know what!!! That’s okay though, Jack, and a few of his buddies and me got the job done!

I cut the shelves out of the black walnut tree we harvested. I shaped the ends to mimic the live edges on the side to give a natural organic look. No right angle ever when you’re working with live edges, or at least not while the wife is around!

Rene gave the shelves a thin clear coat and drew out the design to be more of a wall-art instead of a plain old shelving unit. She incorporated my Nilgai mount as the focal point. (Feel pretty special right there)

It’s super cool and I am very proud of it! Like always, I never doubt Rene’s design idea, just the process!

Until next time…DIY or DIE!