It’s hard to get kids of all ages into coloring easter eggs, but not if you do it the EARNHARDT EGGstravoganza kinda way!  

It’s very simple…all you need is a lot of huffing and puffing (which that happens a lot during the holidays) and some creative juices a flowing and blowing. Sounds weird, but just stay with me, it will all make sense!

Here’s what we gathered up, but you can use any method of decorating your eggs from markers to traditional food coloring kits.

The cool step is this right here….make a hole in the bottom and top of your egg using a needle or….

…this is the place where it becomes fun for all ages; however, I do not recommend trying this at home!!! This is where the statement “get kids of ALL ages into coloring eggs..” comes into play! My BIG kid just can’t do things fun with power tools. (Slap forehead and roll eyes)

As I was saying, make a hole in bottom and top of egg. Now the “huffing and puffing” is needed! Blow out the innards of the egg! Gravity seems to help if you blow through the narrow end and egg comes out the larger end. Come on wimps, BLLLOOOOWWWW!

Now you are ready to decorate anyway you like!!!! You can paint a beautiful theme like Kayla did! Ahhhh pretty desert sunset!

Or whatever my silly husband is doing…….just have fun!!!

You can display in many ways! Like hanging from tree branches! Just push the fabric in the hole, hot glue around the opening and ta-dah!! Pretty Easter Egg Bouquet!

You can give them as a gift too! They’ll not stink up the joint like the traditional hard boiled eggs that had better be eaten soon or used as ammo to catapult in air and laugh as they smash against a tree!!

We hope you have a fun Earnhardt Eggstravoganza and most importantly Happy Easter from our family to yours!!