Now hold your horse’s friends, this is a family brand so minds out of the gutter. I’ll admit the title can be a little deceiving, this may not be exactly the type of “dirt” you’re looking for. Just hear me out on this one and give my little story a shot.

Not long ago, I was repotting a plant when I noticed I had not taken my wedding rings off before digging in. Now that may sound like nothing out of the ordinary to you but what it brought to my attention was anything but ordinary. While normally I use my gardening time to escape the daily hustle and bustle of four kids, four horses, four chickens, four cats, three dogs, two goats and one rabbit, but this time I couldn’t escape the thoughts that came flooding over me…. the dirty truth behind my marriage and the life we’ve created together

At first I looked down and thought “What if my rings get caked with mud and loose a little sparkle? Oh well, all I have to do is make an effort to clean them up and they’re good as new! They never lost their luster, it was just a little harder to see with all that dirt in the way.” Well that little thought really got my wheels turning…..

I like to believe that gardening is very similar to a loving union between two people. You’ve got to be willing to roll your sleeves up, get dirty, and put in the work. Like a plant needs dirt and water we all need a certain list of things to balance our relationships in life that can allow them to grow strong and healthy.

I know you want a perfect garden much like a perfect marriage, don’t we all! While we’re at it lets add a perfectly clean home to that wish list! Well honey I’ve got news for you, the truth is perfect does not exist but that’s where the beauty lies. It can’t all be sunshine and Carolina blue skies every day, but what would a garden be without a little rain? Sometimes the worst storms can give you the strongest roots and you need the dirt just to show how bright we can sparkle.

My advice is get a little dirty now and then, it won’t be easy but you’ve got to cultivate and repair if you ever expect to see any growth in your relationships. I’ve been working on my “garden” for nineteen years so this isn’t my first rodeo, after four kids and many trips to the “laundry mat”, my marriage is perfectly dirty and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This is The Dirty Truth Behind My Marriage!