Well, 2017 Jr Southern Rodeo Association Season is in the books. For the second time, I came in with back #3, which means I was the 3rd highest money winner coming into finals.  It’s kinda cool, you know #3 is special to our family.   

It was a tough season with even tougher competition.  It was my first year being in the Senior Division, the age group of 14-18 year olds…I just turned 14 this year! My previous year I was in the Junior Division and won the All Around Title….remember I had back #3.

I came into the 3-day of finals weekend with a little hope to win the saddle for the second time, but throughout the weekend “hope” was slowly fading.  Me and another girl, who’s a good friend,  were going head to head for the title! She came in number 1 in the standings, so she was at an advantage…more pressure!  I had a terrible first day and then the second was better.  Going into the last day I just didn’t feel I had ridden well enough to win.  I sort of gave up on trying to win the title and just tried to run for the buckles instead. On the last day after the rodeo I thought of the fun I had throughout the weekend and how amazing and blessed I am able to do what I do.

While they were announcing the buckle winners for the Go-Around, I was standing with Mom crying cause it was a very emotional and tiring weekend. So they got to the end of the go around winners and started to call out All- Around Champions, so Mom and me are hugging.  The whole weekend I really didn’t know where the rankings where at and I didn’t really care to see them. So they went on to the girl’s Senior All-Around and they sort of took a pause for a minute and then called out my name.  I started crying harder and I really don’t know why, but it was a big surprise to Mom and me.

I just want to say Thank You to all the people that have pushed me to where I am today.  My parent’s dedicate a lot of time into hauling me to where I need to go.  They make sure my horses are healthy and always have what I need to do my very best.  A special thanks to my coach Tracy Morris, for she believed in me more than anyone has believed in me and I’m just thankful to say I’m one of her students. Thanks to all my friends that made me laugh and to all the friends that helped me with my horses whenever I needed it. We are truly family and I’m thankful for all of them.