The first time they walk or talk is special. Even when they get older, it’s still cool to be able to experience those special moments with them. Don’t need anything fancy or professional to document these times, just be in the moment and even better if you can capture it on camera. I intentionally waited to share this video of Kayla harvesting her first turkey. Sometimes when you are in the public eye, moments like this are just for us. I wanted to really enjoy the milestones in her life. Hunting is a big part of mine and Rene’s life and we respect the sport, and most importantly the animal. I’m glad Rene’ was able to be with us to record this angle on her phone and to my good friend and one hell of a turkey caller Tonnie Davis. The video is a couple years old, so to see her all snaggletooth from losing one and watching her shake with nerves, and laugh with excitement, makes me real glad I did wait to share this with ya’ll! I’ve enjoyed reflecting on this moment with her and it reminds me of how fast they grow up!