My name is David DeQuick.

I have been a practicing veterinarian since my graduation in veterinary medicine from Michigan State University (MSU) in 1988.  My original education began at MSU as an undergraduate and obtained dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Physiology and Animal Husbandry in 1982.

Thereafter, I began a veterinary research project at the University of Kentucky which developed a model to test opiate and non-opiate analgesics on pain perception and behavior in the horse.  I obtained a Master of Science degree in Toxicology in 1984 utilizing this relevant research which provided a valid model to identify illegal drugs being administered to race horses to enhance their race performance.  These illegal substances (i.e. drugs) could be detected in our specialized laboratory to identify illegally drugged performance horses via random post-race blood and urine test samples.

I am originally from the state of Michigan but have called Mooresville, NC my home since 1993.  Prior to moving to Mooresville, I practiced at a small animal veterinary hospital in Michigan for 5 years.   I feel very blessed to reside here and have gained enough history through my 25 years of residence to nearly feel like a native of our great community of Mooresville.  The total population of Mooresville was approx. 27,000 when I moved here in 1993 and now it is nearly @ 80,000 people.  It has amazed me to see the growth and popularity and prosperity of the area and the Lake Norman region amass itself as a thriving and popular destination for folks who appreciate a diverse community.

I became an entrepreneur of a veterinary clinic in Mooresville (Lakewood Veterinary Hospital) in 1994 as I saw a potential opportunity to integrate into a community with a tremendous potential for growth.  I convened with several local bankers and business owners regarding the demographics of the area and was convinced it was worth the risk.  Shortly after getting the clinic off the ground, Rene Earnhardt, stopped by the office to inquire about a potential opportunity to work as a veterinary technician.  It was an easy decision for myself to quickly add her to our young and developing staff.  Her charismatic and caring personality along with her veterinary skills and superior personal interactive people skills made her an instant hit with the clinic’s staff and with the general public.

After her 5 year tenure at Lakewood Veterinary Hospital, Rene and Kerry teamed together to begin a number of exciting new visions.  Their determination and hard work led them to their launch their successful Earnhardt Collection as well as several other important venues.  Their influence in our community has been invaluable.

I made the difficult decision to sell Lakewood Veterinary Hospital in 2015 after 21 years of ownership and have since been working part-time as a relief veterinarian at several Statesville veterinary hospitals.  I continue to thoroughly enjoy the field of veterinary medicine as it has evolved and progressed enormously year after year in an effort to provide the best health care for our beloved companion animals who we collectively consider to be very important members of our families.  I am currently married with 2 teenage children and own 3 herding breed dogs.


David DeQuick, DVM