YOU'LL "TACO" ABOUT THIS SOUP FOR A LONG TIME Read More You just can't go wrong when you're cooking in the outdoors and keeping it simple!  Right down to your decor. She asked for a side-table to set her wine on...and a side-table she got!  Yep! That's an old boat seat on a shop stool! Call me a genius!  It all sets the... Cooking, House + Home Garden Tips- Recycled Plastic Read More Have you ever purchased that pretty, but extremely large planter for your porch? Then get home to realize it takes more bags of potting soil than you bought at the store? Well then, you will want to read on!  Anytime we can recycle...we recycle the recycled! Our kids aren't as fond of it, especially when... Gardening Aunt Cathy's Fairy Wonderland Read More It's that time of year to be inspired by new beginnings! Trees have new buds, plants are starting to blossom and your inner Mother Nature ideas are starting to sprout!  My yearning desire is to fairy garden and I am so lucky to have Kerry's Aunt Cathy to be inspired by!  [vc_column... Gardening Kayla Earnhardt's First Turkey Read More The first time they walk or talk is special. Even when they get older, it's still cool to be able to experience those special moments with them. Don't need anything fancy or professional to document these times, just be in the moment and even better if you can capture it on camera. I intentionally... Outdoors

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